Donde. Esta. La Biblioteca?

I’ve been missing in action for days, and I’m so sorry for that, ladies and gents (sad face) You would think that with ad congress over and the year steadily coming to a fold, things would slow down for the holidays, right? Sigh. If only it were so. In our desperate attempt to meet the yearly quota, we’ve been killing ourselves with pitches galore. And yes, while I’ve always been able to doodle up something no matter what, it gets kind of embarrassing to be so blatantly NOT working when the rest of the crew’s doing their best. (feet shuffle) Gog I’m so full of it. I literally finished this page in 10 minutes, and it shows:

IMAGE0001There’s about 2 and a half weeks left of work time here at the office, but that only means that it’s crunch time more than ever. As my friend Manny put it, every day is sounding more and more like the time-is-running-out Super Mario theme. Personally I think it sounds more like the Star theme.

Thing’s will get better, I promise : (

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