Fast like Cheetah!

Posting before work falls on my head like a ton of bricks. Finally Day ONE of my Ad Congress experience is finito. Hope you like.


And again, a kodak look at it:

10855_333485010292_721870292_9895958_944518_n 10855_333485060292_721870292_9895966_2221242_n 10855_333485070292_721870292_9895967_6116988_n

That’s me making pa-cool at the talk and then the actual book signing…

In other news, I’m totally hopped up on love for Lucy Knisley (see sidebar) and her newest ukulele chart topper- The Ballad of One Fang. Gog, she’s such a babe. <3 I’d take up ukulele lessons too if I didn’t know for a fact that I’m a miserable, musical dodo.

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